Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Has the world gone mad, or is it just me?

Something happened while I was doing these pages in the forest. I wanted to know what those characters were saying.

That's always a good sign.

I have 20 pages thumbnailed. Today I start drawing. If all goes well, I'll be able to keep doing one or two pages a day. If all goes more than well, this new technique I'm using will look nice and will actually be faster than the way I'm currently doing comics.

And, after a month's work, I'll have a lot of pages of nineteenth century people discussing if the world has gone mad.
(They won't look like the ones Becky's doing, but I'll try to entertain you just as well.)


monkeyinair said...

Dudes, I was just searching stuff on the umbrella academy and I just found two really talented guys. I wish I could draw as good as you two. I'm from Singapore and I'm an aspiring comic book artist but... meh... I would buy your comics if I had the money, but apparently, I don't. Keep rocking, guys!

Pol Watcher said...

What exactly is the new way of working? I see a lot of "open" white space but I wasn't sure if that's what you meant or if it was something more technical. Really beautiful. I'm jealous.