Thursday, January 24, 2008


If you were waiting for the soft cover trade, the wait is over.


azhar said...

bought casanova#11 early january..
i was blown away by Fabio Moon artwork..

how can i missed your great brush masterpiece...

already placed standing order on Cassanova...storywise..kinda confused and blurr..

since the SC is out..i'm gonna buy it..soon it reach KL, Malaysia..

your work is the style i'm looking for..yup..i'm an aspiring comic artist just started using blue pencil and brush ink technique...almost 1 year and a half...

your blog is my daily dose...take me as yer apperantice sir..

do drop by my blog...need ur guide & comment:

Nicole K said...

I finally got this last week, it's gorgeous!! I love Casanova, it's an amazing read.

Véte said...

mal posso esperar para ler esse primeiro tpb.e ainda tenho que esperar que saia aqui na europa!

Unknown said...

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