Saturday, May 10, 2008

Best CASANOVA EVER written.

"Towards the end of the book there is a real stand out tableau where two characters appear reflected by glass -- and they look like a painted blue Sin City scene. That is the image I would isolate to sell people on the power of the Moon. "

"Even if you have never read a single issue of this title, go get Casanova 14. Volume two may be better than volume one, and issue 14 is better than any Casanova issue before -- and there ARE no bad or even middling issues of Casanova out there."

From Geoff Klock's Blog, about CASANOVA 14, which may be out as early as next week.


Edu Menna said...

vc esta se superando a cada número de Casanova.
As cenas de ação do número 13 estão sensacionais.
Como adquiro "Smoke and Guns"?
Esta hq nao vem apra o Brasil?


Anonymous said...

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Christian O. said...

Well, it's fucking true. Amazing comic, guys. I didn't get it till today, since our comics are a week late, only to learn that Fraction had completely deleted his forum and locked the comment option on his blog, but I just wanted to say to everyone involved, that Casanova #14 was fucking amazing.

Unknown said...

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