Friday, July 25, 2008

Umbrella interview and more from SDCC!

The Comic Con has been great and crazy at the same time. PIXU is going really well and people really like hat they see. The ones who got issue #1 can't wait to issue 2 to come out.

On a panel about the horror line at Dark Horse, they announced that "following up on this year's BPRD 1946, BPRD 1947 will be written by Mike Mignola and Josh Dysart with Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon on art. "For this story we needed two different styles of art for two different styles of scene," Scott Allie said, and indicated that the artists were big fans of BPRD".

There's an interview with Gerard about Umbrella Academy on Comicbook Resources. Click, here to read it.

OOOOHHHHHH!! And check the Wall Street Journal today, there's a big feature on Fábio and I, our carreer and lots of interviews about us and what to come. Reallly cool stuff! Read it online here.

We have a big announcement happening today. Water divider for us, that's for sure.

And the Eisners at night, which we're are very confident.
Stay tuned!

Now we have to go have breakfast with Mignola.


vampirefan said...

...and now i regret more than ever not pre-ordering a copy of pixu! had too much going on and my local comic shop couldn't get an issue for me so i missed getting one. *sigh*

regardless, your update all sounds very exciting! can't wait to hear more :)

(if i sent some umbrella academy with my boss - who will be in sao paulo next month - would there be any way to get gabriel to sign them? maybe my boss could mail them to you from his hotel? and you mail back? too complicated? no time? no worries :) )

Kolik Förlag said...

wow congratulations on all the success!
and 1947!! i've been a bit bummed by all the simultaneuos titles in the hellboy line and not all of them being as good as i've hoped. but you guys in there?! can't wait!

Saulo said...

Parabéns Bá, Parabéns Fábio!
Fico feliz com a notícia do prêmio e em saber que vocês estão bem.

André said...

Parabéns pelos Eisners!!! Acompanho a carreira de vocês desde a 10 Pãezinhos, e é sensacional ver onde chegaram. Acredito que vocês têm um papel fundamental na evolução dos quadrinhos, mostrando que existe espaço para arte de alto nível mesmo nos nichos mais comerciais. Vocês estão colocando a idústria para cima! Parabéns e continuem o excelente trabalho. By the way, Casanova é maravilhoso.

vampirefan said...

congrats on winning the eisner!!

sebastian said...

Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon on the BPRD sounds like a perfect fit.

Congratulations with the Eisner, much deserved, 5 is fantastic.

Talk about a successful Comicon!

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