Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Counting down and looking ahead.

This past weekend, surrounded by the dearest of friends in the comic world, we talked about our work and what drives us forward. Our little circle was surrounded by a bigger circle, of interested fans, and during two hours we were in a bubble of greatness.

I left certain I'm on the right path, and that I'm not alone in believing in what I do.

This year's countdown has begun, and soon we shall celebrate another year well spent, working hard and opening doors. We've been working more and more, as we should, and the work never felt more gratifying. If this is what my life will be, working in comics 24/7, writing and drawing and creating and putting out great stuff, than I look forward to the future. If the future is like now, it will be glorious, but we should always aim a little higher, so I expect the future to be even brighter. And so should you.

It seems like ages ago since the last issue of Casanova hit the stands (even more since I finished drawing it). It also seems like forever since we finished PIXU. Bá finished the first Umbrella series almost one year ago, and the new series just started one weeks ago. This notion of never-ending work leaves little room in our lives for our work to breathe and exist, as we very fast have to turn to the next project. And then, when we're working on several projects at once, the ones recently finished have to vanish from our routine as fast as we have to keep producing pages. Some projects come back to mind every once in a while, and those are the ones I think are not over yet. Those are the stories I think are still incomplete, and sometime in the future these stories shall continue.

We are still searching for our place in this medium, telling our stories and drawing other's, and our quest has taken us to very interesting places. The future points to new and exciting ones, and some familiar ground.

Back to work, and thanks for reading.


Pop-Monkey said...

I'm continually amazed and inspired by the attitude and enthusiasm you guys radiate. Thanks for being so passionate about what you do and for being articulate enough to convey that enthusiasm in a truly inspiring and motivational manner!

pan pan said...

seeing you guys so motivated is motivation to us all who haven't acomplished anything yet.. keep up!

ps:though i live in athens, i read "detales" in paris for the first time. luckily in my last day there, so i didn't need to avoid the metro.

Sail said...

The love you two seem to have for what you do is only second to the love that comes through in the work itself.

I look forward to all your projects, and hope at some point (either of) you return of Casanova.

Unknown said...

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