Monday, April 27, 2009

Fresh Start.

manhã aquarela

New days are refreshing. New issues are refreshing. We're all starting new issues here at the studio (by studio, it's just me and my brother), and it's good to start anything as it gives us that energy of the new. It might be even better than that great feeling of job well done when you finish an issue, or a story (as put beautifully here by Becky).

We've been crazy busy, as always. Which is good, it's the best kind of busy we could possibly hope for, and we're making sure we come out of the busy period with stuff we're proud to have done.

We're thinking about the Daytripper covers, and they should be wonderfully different, that's what we think, but thinking this "different" has been giving us a hard time. We don't like anything easy, so we're getting ready for battle.

To battle!


Art said...

Guys -

I'm wondering if you guys would be ok if I re-posted some of your blog art stuff on my own comic blog. Would that be cool?


What blog would that be? URL?

Art said...

It's a livejournal I set up aboput a year ago. Mainly as an excuse to re-read my old comics and justify the time I spend online.

jifi said...

Gabriel > i've just discovered Umbrella academy and i'm truly amazed by your work : obrigado !

Jean-Philippe, a french comic reader

João Edno "John" said...

Oi! Um dia, por um motivo qualquer, rasguei um Mesa para Dois... Mas já comprei outro... Agora tenho 1 e meio Mesas para Dois.

RAWLS said...

Beautiful work my friends!! I was just looking at some pics for the upcoming BPRD 1947... Congrats on that awesome job!! Keep up the great work!!!

Unknown said...

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