Friday, April 16, 2010

Daytripper 5!

We're on full speed here, driven by all the good words and good numbers of our little tale. The story is only midway through for you, but it's reaching the end for us. The next two months will bring the last chapters of the story to life, and I'm dying to get there.

Meanwhile, Daytripper #5 is on the stands and it's the most beautiful of all so far. You don't wanna miss this one.

Daytripper cover 05

At 11 years old, Brás's world was only as big as his house. But that changed when his family headed to his grandparents' countryside ranch. And there – at a place where the sun was stronger and the stars shone brighter – Brás would suddenly see everything under a new light!


Mark E. Johnson said...

I am massively baffled by Daytripper, Gabriel, but it's been the most enjoyable and surprising new comic I've read in yonks. Thanks!

CasinoGrande said...

I have to say I'm as equally impressed and confused as Mark with the series.

Even time I get to page 18/19, I start having a panic attack because I know how it's going to end, but deep down want it to end a different way . That's not a complaint, but rather a compliment to how well you guys craft these stories.

-M said...

I'm not sure if this is the right place to address You but seeing as the regular comic format Daytripper doesn't have a letter column I'll try to do it via this blog.
First and foremost I'd like to congratulate you on what I consider the most unique and touching monthly on the comic stands today. The comic is simply top notch: stunning and clever covers, beautiful interiors and the masterful script.
I personally don't find the fact that the main protagonist perishes in every issue as confusing. From what I understand You show certain events in Bras life that changed him, reshaped him, and for that change to take place the old bras must die so that the "new one" may emerge. Death is a topic that is rarely touched in a serious way in western literature and comics and yet it is such a integral part of our life: death of an idea, death of a friendship, death of a memory, death of a friend.
For various reasons I have never felt very compelled to address the authors of the works that I read. However the recent tragedy and how your comic book made me change my mind. I'm a Pole, and as you might have heard or red some of our elite including the president, died in a plane crash week ago. Among these people was a Mum of a friend of mine. Suddenly a whole set of faces that you see everyday in the media just dissapeared, moreover it touches a person close to you. You can't just turn away and pretend that it didn't happen the repercussions of the tragedy are everywhere, everyone feel them. My first reaction was to sink into a mild depression and simply lock myself in my four walls. However, i've stumbled upon one of the back issues of the daytripper laying around my flat and it made me rethink the situation. What you really show in your work is the nature of a human being. When met with these kind of events we simply adapt, we change, we evolve. Instead of mourning and feeling the loss we can always take another fresh leap into our life. And so do the readers of your comic. After every issue, that ultimately ends with Bras's death we don't succumb into sadness, as there is simply another issue next month, on another day. So it is with our life's. Ultimately your work is a celebration of life that just might be that bright spark for some of Your readers in the moment they least expect. For that I'd like to thank you!

Take care,
Mikolaj Rogowski
Krakow, Poland

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