Monday, November 22, 2010

At our table


As Bá dives very deep into the third story arc of Casanova, I oversee Cris Peter's color work for the second story arc. At the same time, we're finalizing the design choices for the Daytripper trade. I remember every other hour that I still need to write a commentary for the new Luxuria collection talking about our new colorful world, and about the handwritten quality of how we do things these days. I imagine all of this have to be done this week.

We just returned from a convention in Rio in which the main international guest was Milo Manara, and he had a huge exhibition of his originals at the show, and it was inspiring and breath taking. "I'm just learning how to walk" crosses my mind as I see the steps taken by this italian giant. Aim higher, mister Moon.

Convention season is over for us this year. The year is almost over anyway, but for us there's this feeling of a journey which is only beginning. New stories, new projects, new ideas we're already working on, ideas that cannot wait till Christmas or New Year's. We're keeping busy, and we're grateful for all the support we have from our friends and our readers. Every time we lock ourselves in the studio, we know you're out there, waiting for us, and happy to find out whatever it is we bring along as we emerge once more.


j_ay said...

Where the magic happens! Very cool to see.
And you have matching Swiss pencil cases???

Unknown said...

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