Monday, December 06, 2010

ATELIER online

ATELIERFábio handling another copy of "ATELIER" for one more happy fan

This year, we did Atelier, our new experimental indy comic, to sell at conventions and events around the world. It may take a while until we travel abroad again, since we have entered a new period of heavy production, so there's basically just one place you can get Atelier outside of Brazil right now:

At, clicking here.

With Khepri, you can even choose between signed and unsigned copies, and have your comic delivered to you at your own home. So convenient. We've been counting with Brian (Khepri's main man) to help spread the love for our indy work for a long time, and he never let us down. If you want good comics, he's the guy to go to get the best deals in the internet.

He also have our friend Gustavo Duarte's new comic, TAXI, so when you go grab your Atelier, get a TAXI as well. It's awesome. (I've talked about Gustavo's first comic here)

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