Friday, January 21, 2011

The Sandman

the Sandman

I remember when I first read a Sandman comic. A girl in my class at freshman year of College lent it to me when I told her I wanted to do comicbooks. I had a huge crush on that girl, so I would have read anything, I guess, but I'm glad she had the entire Sandman collection up to that point to lend me.

To think that I have, in recent years, met Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean, became friends with Jill Thompson (who I have shared a booth with at SDCC in the past two years, but have met and admired since 1998), all that makes something inside my chest go warm and happy.

Dream big, dream always, and go after your dreams.

Who knows where life will take you.


Unknown said...

Muito bom, sou fã!

Leandro Bitencourt said...

Heh, eu não participei da eleição no Twitter, mas quando eu li as opções pensei "claro que vai ganhar Sandman, clichezaço". Mas é como dizem, não é clichê à toa. Sandman é muito bom, e o desenho ficou ótimo! Sem contar que serviu pra historinha embaixo ser compartilhada, (desculpa, mas) foi o que eu achei mais legal no post. =] "Go after your dreams" também é clichê, e uma bela verdade.

Unknown said...

maneiro conhecer o trabalho de vocês na globonews

Faff said...

Strangely I can't think of two artists of recent years better suited to drawing Sandman. If Mr Gaiman is ever drawn back to do another bok, I hope he talks to you guys for the artwork

Cafe Vienna said...

Lovely poster! It´d be great to see you guys drawing Sandman.

Unknown said...

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