Sunday, April 03, 2011

Coordinates challenged

Just as we returned from our trip to Peru, one of our computers seemed dead. It didn't turned on any longer, and it looks like it won't turn on ever again. We had almost everything in back-ups, and we can still retrieve information from the drives, but while we don't do that, I remember one email that is stuck in there about a guy who sent his picture for the Daytripper Challenge from Russia, but I don't remember his name anymore, and the city he was from. Once I retrieve the email info on my hard-drive, he shall be named. I tthink he was the only one stuck in there, but I'll only know in a little while, so let's carry on with all the other emails we received.

German Torres wrote from Barcelona, having bought his copy (the spanish copy, not the english one) of the book online.

Jack Leask bought his copy at Blue Moon Comics in Novato, near San Francisco.

Liliana Vera comes from Sonora, in México, but bought her copy at a graphic novels and boardgames convention in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. She wasn't sure she would find a copy, and was very happy when she did.

Rebecca Hawkins is a cruise ship musician, and bought Daytripper in Brooklin just before leaving for another period overseas. She emailed us from Grenada, West Indies, and send us a picture from her travel journal.

Michael wrote from Barnaul, in South-West Siberia, Russia (or 53º17'27"N 83º38'52"E, as he described it). He got the book through Amazon and likes the idea of putting books from tropical creators through the very different climate of Siberia.


lili vera said...

Good thing you made this challenge.
Happy monday, guys! :)
-liliana vera

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