Thursday, May 05, 2011

Figure drawing

Here's Bá training.
A little practice never hurts anybody, even if you already "know" how do draw. There's always something new to learn, to think about, to consider.
Most of this poses were just one minute poses, some were three minutes long, one or another, five minutes long.

Modelo Vivo - Cris

Modelo Vivo - Fafá

Modelo Vivo - 01 

Modelo Vivo - Vera

Modelo Vivo - Vera 02

Modelo Vivo - 02

Modelo Vivo - Beto

Modelo Vivo - 03


Modelo Vivo - 04

Modelo Vivo - 04b

Modelo Vivo - Lucilene

Modelo Vivo - Juliano 1

Modelo Vivo - Juliano 2





Anton said...

these are really cool.

Anthony Holden said...

Lovely gestures.

Arjiuna said...

Wow, thre are beutifull, :D

Alexandre Augusto Ferreira said...


Unknown said...

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