Monday, October 17, 2011

X-Men in Rio

We've been busy here in Brazil, Daytripper has just been released here and we're having a blast with the "national" response, but I decided to stop by and put these two images up. We're heading for Rio de Janeiro later this week for the Rio Comicon and, since one of the internaitonal guests is long-time-all-star-X-Men-writer Chris Claremont, I took some time to pay tribute to a part of the history of the X-Men, and of comics, which deeply influenced both Bá and I, and I colored these two pieces we made in July as part of the CBLDF that took place in SDCC this year.
X-MenWeapon X
We'll meet up with our friends Bob Schreck and Paul Pope while there, as they're also guests of the show (the festival in Rio is amazing), and we'll try to show them a good time, brazilian style.


David Andrews said...

You have a great comic book blog my friend.

When you have the time, please visit mine -

Stewart R said...

Can I just ask, was the edition of Daytripper released in Brazil released in Portugese? I have a friend from Sao Paulo who is heading back home for the Christmas and New Year period and was thinking of trying to arrange a copy to find it's way to her for her birthday in early January.

Loved the book myself and think that she may well enjoy it too.


Unknown said...

CARACAAA ! vcs são muito bons !
Já se tornaram referência para mim !

Parabens! vou fazer ainda meu blog ou algo do tipo.. :D