Friday, November 18, 2011

Matt Fraction in Brazil

It was great to have Matt and Kelly Sue in Brazil, even if only for a little while, and even if we didn't see each other all that much with us having to handle our booth and Matt and Kelly Sue writing and reading and walking around the cool parts of the city.

Criador e criatura

Back to drawing comics now. These puppies don't get made all by themselves (or, how I would have said to Kelly Sue, "and that's why we have Mario").


Kelly Sue said...

Poor Mario. I'm going to bake him some cookies.

zapata131 said...

Guys, I'm a big fan of Casanova and Umbrella Academy and I wwas wondering, can I interview you both via email for our comics blog?
We got this project, Nación del Cómic and I would love to talk about all of your projects.

Unknown said...

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