Saturday, July 07, 2012

CASANOVA originals at SDCC 2012

It's sexy. It's crazy. What else can I say for sure about CASANOVA?
It was a very hard year working on this series and juggling it with all the other projects both Matt and I had to do, so I'm really sorry to have delayed issues #3 and #4 so much. But, in the end, it was for the best, because I was more focused and could produce what I think were some of the best pages of my life.
AVARITIA was a crazy story arc that explained a lot of things and left a whole other bunch on the air, but that's the way it is with this book. And what comes next? We'll have to wait and see. Only Matt knows.
So if you're a fan of Casanova Quinn, Sasa Lisi, Suki Boutique and Luther Desmond Diamond, you'll be thrilled to know that we're bringing original pages of AVARITIA to sell next week on SDCC at our booth (#1320). Here's the amazing selection of pages (click on the pages to see a bigger version).
casanova-avaritia-01-cover casanova-avaritia-01-p02 casanova-avaritia-01-p03
casanova-avaritia-01-p18 casanova-avaritia-01-p21 casanova-avaritia-01-p24
casanova-avaritia-01-p25 casanova-avaritia-01-p30 casanova-avaritia-01-p31
casanova-avaritia-01-p32 casanova-avaritia-02-p01 casanova-avaritia-02-p03
casanova-avaritia-02-p06 casanova-avaritia-02-p07 casanova-avaritia-02-p10
casanova-avaritia-02-p11 casanova-avaritia-03-p01 casanova-avaritia-03-p02
casanova-avaritia-03-p03 casanova-avaritia-03-p08 casanova-avaritia-03-p15
casanova-avaritia-03-p16 casanova-avaritia-03-p17 casanova-avaritia-03-p31

Oh, how I loved that Ziggy Startdust reference. It came out perfect. I really love when Matt points at something and I nail it. It's a very hard thing to do. the man is not from this world.

The folks of Beguiling have some other pages as well, from previous stories. So don't forget to check them out. They sell it online and I'm sure they'll bring of of them to the show as well.
AAAAAANNNNND… we will have all three trades of the Casanova series for sale at our booth.
LUXURIA, GULA and AVARITIA. Very exciting! PA-ZOW!

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