Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BPRD Vampire #4 is out today

I took the picture above in a hot November night as I worked my way into the third issue of BPRD Vampire. I tried to find a picture of the period I was working on issue 4, but there wasn't any. When you have to focus on producing the stories, and every day can seem like the previous or the next as you just have to draw and draw and draw until your story is there, in front of you, it's hard not to forget about other things, other people. You dive into the world of your own creation and, for a while, you live in it.
BPRD Vampire #4 is out today in comic book stores and through the Dark Horse internet store. "After what we've put Simon through on issue three, what else could we possibly come up with to top that?" was the question our editor made when we delivered issue three.
I hope you like the new issue.
We did.

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