Monday, December 23, 2013

Daytripper Deluxe Edition HC - the cover

We couldn't be happier with Daytripper. It became everything we believe comics can be and it has been reaching people all over the world. We really enjoyed its run as a mini-series, but the collected edition is the one really going the distance. We love this book.

It took us long nine months to get the first cover of Daytripper right, making a lot of sketches, having to lots of different approaches, but in the end we couldn't have done a better job. The cover for the first issue had to portray a little of the whole series as it could be used as the cover for the trade. Well, it did happen and it has become the "face" of the book all over the world.

Daytripper TPB cover

Except for the American edition, in every country it has been published, it got a harcover treatment. The same book, nothing different inside. Well, if we would have the american hardcover edition, it should be special, since this is such a special book.

And it will be.

Daytripper Deluxe Edition HC by 10paezinhos

It was very hard coming up with a new cover for the new edition, because I really love the old one. So the new one had to be special, to tell more than the first one, to embody the whole story. Four years have passed since I've done the first cover and this book became something larger, so the cover would have to step up too.

Daytripper Deluxe Edition HC pencil
Daytripper Deluxe Edition HC color
With the release date of April 2014, the Daytripper Deluxe Edition HC will have a dust-jacket wraparound cover, three piece case, better stock matte paper and 16 extra pages sketchbook section. Go to your local comic store and make sure you order it.


D. B. Elsa said...
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D. B. Elsa said...

The cover process is amazing. Beautiful work, like always! I met Matt Fraction at the Image Expo this week, and cannot wait to see the new work you four will put out!

the neon blob said...

You both are amazing. Daytripper opened my eyes... to a new and a more wholesome perspective of life...

Really liked your talk in Delhi, India. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world. I learned a lot.

I'm starting out with stick figures for now...

Thank You