Wednesday, August 05, 2015

PIXU is coming back!

There’s a new trade softcover edition of PIXU coming to comic stores and bookstores on September 9th. If you missed this Moon/Bá/Cloonan/Lolos collaboration, now is your chance.
It comes with a brand new cover!

Pixu: The Mark of Evil TP
Gabriel Bá (W/A), Fábio Moon (W/A), Becky Cloonan (W/A), and Vasilis Lolos (W/A)
On sale September 9th
b&w, 128 pages
TP, 6” x 9”
This gripping tale of urban horror follows the lives of five lonely tenants—strangers—whose lives become intertwined when they discover a dark mark scrawled on the walls of their building. The horror sprouts quite innocently from a small seed and finds life as something otherworldly. As the walls come alive, everyone is defenseless against a brewing evil.

“The story telling here is beautiful, creating a real sense of dread and supernatural menace. Smart, subtle and genuinely disturbing.”—Mike Mignola

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