Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Quite Frankly

This is strictly a awe to a great artist. Since his story in "Endless Nights" saw the light of day, Frank Quitely jumped from a celebrity artist to god. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but his work on the latest Sandman book is just beautiful, it's by far the best one in that collection. Not only it's pretty, you can't get tired of looking at it, and it's comics storytelling at it's best. It's a poem in a land of heavy prose.

Now we are waiting for his next comic book. When will it be out and what it will be, it's uncertain, but in the meantime we can now appreciate Frank Quitely covers. Painted covers, of course, since we discovered he is such a great painter. Why should we expect anything less?

Let's just hope he doesn't turn into the next Travis Charest, gone to the land of "one beautiful page a year".

1 comment:

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