Friday, April 02, 2004


"We live by the shadow of an ideal image we make of the world. There it is, perfect, and here we are. How, we can't really tell. If we could, maybe we would be perfect too.

But if we were, we wouldn't be here. We would be there.

And we wouldn't be more than images."

To do comic books is to create worlds. The pictures and words are guides that take us through this worlds, presenting us the story they have to tell. It's very important that the pictures and the words tell a good story, for us to want to come back to this world.

"What will happen on the next page?" is the question that must arise in the reader's mind page after page.

It's useless to know how to draw if you can't tell your story in an interesting way. Every angle, every shadow, every gesture, it's all there for a reason.

One image leads to the next, and you should always be craving for more.

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