Friday, May 14, 2004

Doing a comic book the brazilian way

PART TWO: First things first.

My brother and I came up with a story, one that each one of the artists involved would have a part to play. We firmly believe it's best to know who you're working with and know what he's capable of, so you can always push him harder into getting better with his work without kidding yourself into trying to do something that can't be done. Being brothers and working together since forever, we always had this sensation of a friendly competition while we were working, and that helped improve our work.

Now, about the new story. After the story was set, the first thing to do (and that's what we've done this week) is the research. The story takes place in a "present day" scenario, so we went out in the streets and took pictures of some buildings. We also looked into fashion magazines to see how our characters should look like. Finally, we did some sketches to warm up our hands and to know, from the real images we had, everything else we would have to create. It's fun to create something based on something that already exists. You'll come up with an imaginary place (or person) that will still feels real and looks original.

If we were working for a major publisher, we probably wouldn't have the time to do all this, at least not for an entire week, but since we're on our own, we have all this time to make our comic look good.

To finish things off, we did thumbnails of every page so we could have a clear view of the pacing and the flow of the story.

Now, let's do some pages.

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