Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Shame on the Heart Gone Coward in the Chest

"Shame on the heart gone coward in the chest!" cried out Roland, the once lost nephew of Charlemagne and now his left arm in battle, in the face of battle against the raging hordes of pagans that approached. He was outnumbered, his odds were poor, but his motives were right and he couldn't do wrong with his god. Even if it meant his death, he wouldn't run from his fate.

Neither should we.

We are outnumbered as well, and the odds are always against us. It's never an easy task to create from the ground up worlds people should believe in, characters to care for, stories to follow. We already have busy lives to live, and yet we search in our minds to find the lives of many imaginary characters, perhaps not even much different from ourselves, to see how this others lives are lived as well. We do more than just live our lives and we care for more than ourselves: We care for the way life is told.

We care for the way life is remembered.

For the lives we tell - and the lives we live - should be worth living.

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