Wednesday, June 30, 2004

introducing the major players - part two.

As a music that keeps playing, so should we. Keep playing, that is. Well, you undestood it, right? Anyway, here's the second "band member" of our ROCK'n'ROLL comic book, the oldest one:


At one point of another, we all wanted to be like him. He was so good, his ideas so fresh and his style so passionate that, by the time we met Kako, we wanted to be him.

He's Bruno's older brother, so you can imagine that Bruno wanted to be Kako long before we even met any of them. But it's refreshing to know that all of you haven't met him, or haven't seen his work, so we're ahead of you on this. Believe me when I tell you, he's just that good.

He's doing this comic book with us because we simply want him with us. He makes us look good. He makes the comic book different, and in a good way instead of a "I'm a mutant feared and hated from the world" way. He's almost a character in the story, but then, aren't we all?


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