Monday, February 21, 2005

Doing it again.

Today, I reworked a page I had already pencilled. The first version was done a month ago, in the same day I had already finished a page. I was tired but wanted to keep going in order to finish the week with a certain number of pages in the can. I did the page with the original thumbnail in mind, and it actually went pretty fast. The only problem was that it sucked! were I too deliver the page on the very next day, I would have finished one of the worse pages I've done in the last five year. Maybe the worst. Ever!

The page featured two hot girls, and they both looked like guys on the page. Enough said on how bad it was.

And that's a good thing about working with a more flexible schedule. I was not happy with that page, so I moved on with the story, working on other pages I "liked" more. Once I was feeling good about myself (because doing good work can make that to your ego), I went day to the abandoned page and did a complete new version. It's much better. There's a killer panel (one of the best on the story so far) and a much better flow on the story.

And the girls, as one should expect, look hot.

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