Thursday, December 29, 2005


We just hit 15000 visitors.

This is the time to say some final words for this year.

Thanks for the readers who discovered us in 2005. And to those who remained from the previous years. and for those who are yet to come, thanks in advance.

I'm six pages into the zombie story, Ba is in full swing doing Casanova. Since it's the first time we try anything in a monthly schedule, we're yet to find out how it will affect the final look of the pages. So far, it looks great and it's only getting better. Not without it's bumps on the road, but that's pretty much every story. Creating is a complicated thing.

We never made so much comics as we did in 2005. And so far, 2006 looks like a pretty busy one.

One can hope, at least.

Thanks for watching and see you all next year.

1 comment:

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