Thursday, December 08, 2005

No sitting around.

We have been really busy. Which is good, if you ask me. I rather have one hour of free time every day than just one hour of work done. I can really enjoy my free time if it's a rarity. And I really love my job.

So we have to finish some pages for next week. Ba has, not me. But we're a team around here, so I'm using the plural to keep him happy. To keep us happy.

Also, a cover needs doing.

Out of thin air as of right now.

I'll try to help as much as I can, but it's his show and I'm only enjoying the show from a safe, yet near, distance.

We're planning on drawing some 80 pages before the end of January, between him and myself, and some of it in color!

Right now, we're just happy that ROCK'n"ROLL is out and about in this world, meeting new friends. It's like we had a big baby to go with our smaller brazilian baby, and now we have twins. One is a bit bigger, but they're both beautiful.

It's a nice way to finish the year, and a great way to start on the next one. About the latter, it's going to be a killer.

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