Tuesday, February 07, 2006


This week, I have to finish the colors on our NYC Mech story. Last week was crazy busy with the last minute storyboard, and so this week I shall do the remaining pages.

It's looking really good so far. The best coloring I'd ever done.

I'll try to write up a step-by-step of part of it when I'm done, to show here.

Even if no one is looking.

Also, my brother and I have just come up with a new story for brazilian publication. We had the beginning already, but today we sat in front of each other and ping-ponged ideas until we had the whole thing plotted.

It's going to be big.

Nameless, as of right now, but that will change when the pages start to pour (I'm not sure I can say this that way and get my point across, but I'm brazilian, I can write weirdly).

We have been drawing stories other people have written for some time, specially for the american market, but what we really like to do is to tell our own stories. That's why we decided to do comics: to be storytellers.

We have some things to say, and we learned to draw so we could show those things.


Yesterday, we had a long conversation on the phone with Diana Schutz, our editor at Dark Horse, about our upcoming book De:TALES. She made a lot of notes about the order of the stories, about the cover and about the design of the book. We could see that she had spent a lot of time actually reading our stories and thinking about what would be best in one book, and that's what an editor should do: see what works for the book and what doesn't. And tell you why.

She told us all the whys she had for our book.

And she told us we're in very good shape.

The book should be on PREVIEWS shortly.


arunkumar said...

Please post the step-by-steps, I'm definitely gonna be looking... :)

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