Sunday, June 25, 2006

Starting tomorrow.

The new story should start tomorrow. Thumbnails are done, and the characters, as much as I would like to have created them beforehand, should be defined once they appear on the page. This story in a bit different from all the others we have done, and I'm anxious to see how it's going to play out.

Bá should start penciling Casanova 4 tomorrow and, judging by the time it took him to finish issue 3, he should have no problems finishing this issue before we travel to San Diego later in July.

Thanks to everyone for the nice words about De:TALES (yes, it's such a lovely book) and for the early support to the just released Casanova. Let's hope they both do well and let's also hope everybody likes what's coming next.


Ryan Cody said...

Hi guys, I loved Cassanova, I was talking to the owner of Khepri comics and he still has the original copies of RocknRoll in stock too. You guys are blowing up! Looking forward to meeting you in San Diego.

- ryan cody
- artist of Villains from Viper Comics

Fábio Moon said...

Thanks, ryan. If you liked Casanova, try De:TALES as well.

And see you in San Diego.

Unknown said...

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