Friday, June 09, 2006

Tomorrow begins today!

So, did you get your copy of De:TALES already? Have you read it? What did you think?

After spending a week with the book on my hands, I still can't believe how beautiful it turned out. How good it reads, how the order of the stories works.

How everything works.

Don't you agree?

note: this post will be here for two weeks, and I want people to comment on their thoughts about the book.


Larry Shuput said...

I really enjoyed the book. It made for a nice read by the pool.
A sublte charm and a very apparent respect for medium and craft.
Look forward to more.

Larry Shuput

Dave Carter said...

Loved it! Best comic I've read so far this year. I posted a review on my blog. Excellent work--you shoul dbe very proud.

Unknown said...

Hey Fabio & Gabriel!

Bought (and read) DE:TALES... and thought it was great!

It's nice to see stories written by people who show such a genuine caring for those around them. It doesn't seem to matter whether they're known, barely known or even far away; each time you come into contact with someone it has some form of effect on one's life. Even a relationship with a girl that lasts as long as an ice cream and a walk down the road has special meaning.

I won't give much away. Just make sure you all buy a copy!

Jef said...

Read your book last night. Wonderful, and it smells great. "Happy Birthday, My Friend" is my favorite story in there.

greetings from Belgium,

Sail said...

It does smell great!

It's a beautiful book, I'm proud to own it and you two should be very proud to have made it... as I know you are. I think what makes the book so great is that you can really feel the love you have for your craft. The pure talent shows through too.

I love the personal stories, keep it up. anxiously awaiting vol.2!

Rantz said...

So, after 3 months of fucking crazy-assed deadlines I get a week vacation in the sun... laying by the pool, making art... drinking frosty drinks... loving poolside fashion... reading comics, so i have to stock up! And what is there to buy? De:TALES!

I read it under a desert sky of azure that echoed the pool, chain smoking because I kept reading... must keep reading... such lovely blacks, linework that hooks like talons, short stories that resonate like Raymond Carver, making me feel that a place I've never seen is home.

Guys, this is fucking brilliant, and I can only hope that the american comics market is smart enough to realize HOW alive this is, and how much comics NEEDS books like this.

So, when's the NEXT one. eh?

Unknown said...

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