Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Drawing and Writing

The work never ends, but it's not supposed to. I'm halfway done with my second issue of Casanova, and now I feel I'm completely confortable with the book. Of course, all of this will change as I start my third issue, 'cause it feels like every chapter is the first, but that's not the big picture.

That's my table as it stood today at late afternoon, by the way.

Bá's also done with his issue of Umbrella Academy, and a new issue awaits. When you look at his pages, you realize he's yet to reach his full potential, and every new page is a expectacle. I know I sound like the proudest of the brothers, but wait until you see the pages.

We've been reading all these scripts, but it's hard to say they're changing the way we write our scripts, mostly because we write almost only dialogues and captions, with barely any panel description. One thing I know does happen is that we're constantly increasing our visual vocabulary as we draw other people's stories, and that vocabulary stays with us when we're writing our own.

Writing helps us draw, and the other way around as well.

The first Casanova trade is out today! Go get it!


Unknown said...

You big tease! I can not wait to see the book. You guys going to San Diego again this year?

John G said...

Huh, a 12 panel grid. Not bad, not bad at all.

Fábio Moon said...

Greg, we are indeed going to San Diego again. We'll even have a table for people to find us.

john, the 12 panel grid on that page worked better than I expected, and I had more space on each of those small panels than I thought.

Unknown said...

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