Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm in the mood for comics.

So, I finished my first issue of Casanova and currently I'm thumbnailing the next. This is, like I already said, different from what I expected, and I'm learning as I go. I still feel like a reader to this book, just now learning what happens when I get the script, instead of once I got the comic.

And I get to draw the book now, but I'm still getting used to that part, and I guess everybody will also have to get used to that as well.

I'm having fun with the spot color. Not always I go as heavy on the black as Bá, so to be able to have another color to add shadows and mood is good, and I think I did a very good job on my first issue. You can check the image on our left to be the judge if you don't trust me. And, yes, now we're going blue, as long as the second album lasts (second album = Fábio). We almost chose blue for the first arc, but Bá, the genious that he is, chose that weird green, and that was awesome. Now, however, we're doing blue. Blue is the new green.

I gave an idea for the cover of issue 9 for Bá, and he might do the cover this weekend. As for me, it's all about interiors. I'm not doing covers for Casanova, I'm not doing the cover for our special San Diego comic, and I'm not doing the cover for... well, that was it so far.

You know, Matt only writes the back matter after the pages are done, and since now all the pages are done, I wonder what he's going to write about. That's probably the part I'm still a reader of, since I'll only know when the book comes out. In August (the wait is the worst!). Until then, I'll already have three more issues ready and I won't even care anymore. I'll be already waiting for more scripts, and more pages, and more backmatter. I won't even remember I wrote this then, and I'll probably write something similar when issue 8 hits the stands.

Right now, all I can think of is that tomorrow is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and the first Umbrella Academy story will appear. Bá did a terrific pages on this book, and you'll see that he's keeping busy as well since he stopped drawing the sexy spy book I took over. Gehard Way is turning out to be a great writer, and we laugh out loud and cheer when we read his scripts, so Bá is really enjoying drawing this book. Tomorrow, you'll see just that. And remember, tomorrow is FREE!

I'm going back to the drawing board now, to finish some brain illustrations I have to do, and then I have to draw Ahmed Ertegun. I'll check back once all this overflow of work passes and I'm back into being just a comic book creator.

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