Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eisner Award Winners!

We won for best Anthology with 5. AWESOME!
We won for best limmited series with Umbrella Academy.
We won for best digital comic with Sugarshock.

Thank you all.

We love comics and we love you.


Amedeo... said...

Congratulations on the Eisners!

Unknown said...

Parabéns, caras!
Não esqueçam de trazer na bagagem alguns números da PIXU, para os brasileiros....
O que vcs acham de formatar um curso do tipo do "preto e branco" que o Bá fez, só que pela internet? Tem muita gente que curte o trampo de vcs, que nao mora em Sampa. Os interessados fariam o depósito e vcs liberam a senha, como ocorre em cursos de diversas áreas on-line.
Pensem na idéia.

Rich said...

This is fantastic. Congrats to you both!

tausendzeichen said...

Congrats from us for the Eisner. Good to see you´ve made it!

We´ve just recently reviewed The Apocalypse Suite in june. You may find it in our blog:

(Language is german and hopefully we spread the word about your fantastic art / story here as well.)

Now we are really looking forward to your work on B.P.R.D.!

James Figueiredo said...

Parabéns pelos Eisners - Vocês merecem MUITO!
Fiquei muito feliz com o anúncio da série de vocês pela Vertigo, realmente um divisor de águas!

Grande abraço,

P.S.: Quando podemos esperar o Pixú publicado aqui no Brasil?

weshoyot said...

a huge congratulations to both of you. you really inspired me with your passion for comics and your what you said at the eisners. It was a pleasure speaking to you both, and I cannot wait to see your future work!!!

azhar said...

congrats..been following ur work since i notice Cassanova & Umbrella Acdmy..

really like booth of yer werks..

kinda inspire me a bit..

cant wait for your next project: Hellboy 1946

Felipe Sobreiro said...


capntightpants said...

Congratulations! I met you yesterday, and you were all great sports for doing quick sketches!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Congrats! You both deserve it!


Mike Hawthorne said...

Congrats! You both deserve it!


Ryan Genovese said...

Congratulations guys! You deserve it so much! Don't stop! Make more comics!

Daniel Og said...

parabéns caras. e muito obrigado por continuar abrindo caminhos pra nós brasileiros, mostrando ao mundo que aqui também tem gente trabalhando com seriedade nos quadrinhos.

gostei muito da entrevista de voces com a becky cloonan pra

se puderem dêem uma olhada no meu blog, eu estou engainhando, mas opiniões de voces me ajudariam a ter uma idéia de até onde eu posso chegar:


Chuck BB said...

Well deserved! you guys were awesome!!!

Unknown said...

I've pre-order Pixu, and can't wait for the blurry youtube video of your acceptance speeches to appear. Might there be a transcript appearing on the blog in the near future?

Hearty congradulations to both of you, and to Becky and Vasilas!!!!

rory said...

Congrats! It was very cool meeting you guys in San Diego, glad to see your art and stories being rewarded!

Unknown said...

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