Saturday, September 20, 2008

'Daytripper' on Newsarama


There I was, in San Diego, going to the DC booth to check with Bob Schreck what time was the Vertigo panel I was suppose to go to announce that Bá and I were doing a series for Vertigo. As I arrived, to my surprise, Bob had printed copies of the first issue of Daytripper in hand, and he was showing it to a girl. A woman, actually, but I call women girls all the time.

Turns out she was a reporter and she was asking him questions about the series, and since I turned out at that time, I was interviewed as well. Call it fate, I call it strange. It's okay, I'm used to strange. Have you met my brother?

Anyway, the article is up at newsarama, and it's the first time we (I) had to talk about what the series was about and how was it working on it. I think I did pretty good right there on the fly, and I'm sure I was a lot more nervous twenty minutes later on the Vertigo panel. Bob made me look good, though.

So, click here on the link and read alway.

Back to the drawing board.


Buster said...

Lookin' good.

You guys rule.

shyborg said...

very promising concept...and the brazil stuff it will be cool.
i think you are gonna write it together but how will you draw it?

Anonymous said...

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