Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's time to do it and it's up to you.

We'll be falling off the face of the world for a few weeks. New comics must be made, and written, and drawn, and it's up to us to do it (our part, at least). A good artist creates art and the art is a reflection of his world, and so we must live in this world and interact with people, but at the same time we must learn to respect the attention that is required to produce new work, and to pay attention, there are times when we must focus. Imagine if we lose this window of opportunity?

We love comics. To be able to draw and write comics every day is amazing. To be able to communicate with others with stories you tell is the best job in the world.

While we're at the drawing board, send your email to us and we'll answer them the best that we can, but if we don't, it's just because we're making new comics and that is what everybody wants, right? Updates will continue when we have something important to say (or to show), even if we have to twitter it.

Some important news:

-Pre-order PIXU 2

Khepri is already taking pre-orders for the conclusion of our little PIXU saga. Don't miss out on this internet bargain, and your best bet to acquire the limited edition of the second volume of this horror curse.


Since we've been making the Why comics videos, we also meant to show our little participation on this year's Eisner Awards, but when we we're enthusiastically winning the award for best anthology with 5, we didn't film it. Now, more than a month later, we discovered that someone did, and we're finally able to remember what we said up there when we were already high on the happiness of it all.

It's up to all of us to make more, and make it better, and keep going.

Until we're back, behave. And let's make great comics.


Mazinha said...

Eu vi vocês na Bravo. Parabéns meninos, merecido!


Congratulations !!!!
I'hope read your's comics in Poland!

Roshni Singh said...

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