Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Colorful world.

It's strange how, at first, we think color is very important for our comic book. Maybe it is, but I think it's very common to start thinking that good colors equal a lot of them.

All of them, if you can.

Then, you have your work with all those colors and you lose that impression you had when you did your black and white image, that notion of background, foreground, light and shadow, positive and negative. You had to make all this choices when you were making your black and white image, and then you made no choice at all while coloring it and just put all the colors you saw on your rainbow in every page.

What a mess.

Coloring, just like drawing, should primarily be about personal style, personal expression, and the choices you make so your work looks constantly yours.


narishatar said...

I'm with you. I am so disappointed by so many artists that I love their black and white work, but they disregard color. They say it is too limiting. And it is for them. But it's sad to hear other artists say color is no good for art. Anyway, I agree with your comment.

Unknown said...

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