Monday, July 10, 2006

Center stage.

Today I had a dream about theatre. That's all I really remember: the stage, the backstage, actors and lights. And, every time I think about theatre, I think about the role of the artist on a comic book.

How much thought do I put into staging everything I'm going to draw? I think about light sources to play the dramatic effect of the story, I position my "actors" in a way they'll interact with one another, I make sure the dialogue keeps hitting the necessary beats, and I leave room for the reader to fill in the blanks.

There's a very nice review of De:TALES on the Oregonian's Paper Trail blog. A month after it's release, it's good to see our lovely book still catching the attention of people. And, since it took us six years to complete this book, I hope it takes at least the same amount of time for people to keep talking about it. Or maybe a little longer.

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