Saturday, July 08, 2006

Web comics on the way?

Over at The Engine, Warren Ellis created a space for people to post their web comics. No so different than any other place web comics are posted, the main attractive in this new development of that site, for me, is the possibility to make all those people, who already talk about comics all day, see some comics they wouldn't see in the comic store. Maybe they would see it, but they can't find it, 'cause the stores don't carry it. Or maybe because they haven't been published because the artists haven't had their chance yet. Or maybe because they such are very bad comics.

I like the internet as a way to connect people, to some times read what other people write, think and shout out. It's a good "place" to try to say what you want to say, and maybe show some pictures. The potential to web comics is, to me, very limited when compared to real comics, just because you don't hold it in your hands and flip through. But web comics are a great way to speak your mind without any financial obligation. It's just you, your creativity (or the lack of) and everybody who bumps in it in the way.

I'm thinking about a simple web comic to post on The Engine. When it starts, I'll let you know.

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