Tuesday, July 04, 2006

So far, so good.

I have four new penciled pages. Ba has three. We have two more weeks of hard work before we go to San Diego. In-between working all the time, we'll release a new indy comic in Brasil, have a release party and sign some autographs, as a way to warm up to what's in store for us at this year's convention.

Not that we decided to do the comic book to warm up, but it works that way as well, which is coincidentally good.

We're also considering doing one mini-comic for San Diego. Maybe two. Maybe some nice colorful prints of the Casanova covers.

And, finally, we've been thinking, which seem to be the easiest part, but is in fact the most difficult. There's all kinds of things you can think of when you're buried deep into work, but sometimes trying to come up with your next fresh idea for your new story isn't one of these things. However, now is the time for new ideas, now is the time for new stories. Maybe some stories will just continue, as we realize we miss some characters too much to just leave them be on their old stories.

Once I was done with Roland, I said "no more horses!" and tried different things.

I guess the horses had different plans for me.


Bry said...

obaa coisa nova =D

Unknown said...

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