Thursday, October 05, 2006


I've been looking for something to write about. From the distance, I thought I had nothing new to say, but it's when, slowly, I got a closer look at my current life that I realized what a joy it is to create comics.

I'll write about that.

It's wonderful to create a sequence of panels and make them work together. Alone, each panel can be a nice image, but it's when they work together that you see the story that happens in-between them.

Characters think from one panel to the next.

We zoom in.

We build up the tension.

What will happen next?

This are tools used in comics that can enhance the reading experience, but if they also enhance the drawing experience, bringing to the artist the same joy they bring to the reader, that's when this artists feels he's in the right track.

That's when we are reminded of the kid in us, that little shy boy (or girl) who sat for hours reading comics trying to guess what would happen next.

I miss the world, being at the drawing board every day (and night). No one to talk to, no strange things to see. Well, if you count the city light poles fighting late at night, and the explosions they cause in result, you might get something interesting to talk about later. But still, I miss the world.

I hope the world misses me too.


Sail said...

We miss you Fabio. These pages are beautiful. I love the brown tone you are using.

Unknown said...

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