Saturday, October 14, 2006

Too much to think about.

When you put all your books side by side and realize they're pilling up, you need to start taking yourself more seriously.

I always think about "What have I already done?" when I'm coming up with a new story. Also, I think "What haven't I done yet?".

"Am I saying something different with this new story, or it's just more of the same?"

"Am I saying anything at all?"

Maybe I think too much about comics and worry too much about what the story is about, and maybe that's why I'm not the perfect candidate to only draw other people's comics.

I had fun drawing the stories others have written, I've learned a lot, and i drew stuff I would probably never have drawn in my own stories.

I'm a better artist because of these stories.

But are the stories better?

Do they say anything I can believe and relate?

I think too much, I guess.

And that's not a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

Just do what you feel comfortable with. Of course, doing things you wouldn't probably do by yourself, helps you to grow up as a professional or an artist.

Greetings from Spain, and sorry if my english is not perfect. ^_^

Unknown said...

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