Thursday, October 19, 2006

No man is an island.

Here is the latest interview with Matt Fraction about Casanova. He talks more about how difficult it is to write the book. And how rewarding.

Ba also thinks it's very difficult to draw the book, with so much going on, so much to show, and to make it all look easy and clear.

So far, Ba have done an incredible job making it look good, and making it look easy.

This week, Casanova 5 hits the stands. Go read the "Island" issue, go get lost in it.

Ba's drawing amazing pages this week. My jaw is on the floor. And I'm drawing in this situation. It's not confortable.


Sail said...

I think Ba' has done a fantastic job showing all of the things happening in the story. The last few issues have been solid in my mind. I know Ba' could probably find something wrong, but I have not noticed anything wrong.

Casanova is my favorite comic these days. Great work Ba', keep it up!

lonely schnozz said...

Hello! I'm new to your blog guys! I love your style! Reminds me of Nate Powell a bit, also the Hernendez Bros. Awesome stuff!

Unknown said...

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