Monday, April 02, 2007

FLIGHT preview.

Newsarama has a very nice gallery preview of the next issue of FLIGHT. Lots of pages from, I guess, almost all the artists involved. If I was already excited about FLIGHT before contributing to it, I'm even more excited now that I have done something for the book. All the serious talks about the process of making comics, all the time showing previews, all the sketches and the different styles, all that "behind the scenes" part of making FLIGHT just made the book better to me. It's hard to make an anthology with so many artists involved, and I really admire Kazu for making it so well.

FLIGHT volume 4 will be released on July 10th.

Click on the images below to see bigger versions of two of my pages for this album.


Phil said...

man...... you're drawings are georgeous....and your posts inspiring. I know Steve Rolston from animation school, and that's how I came to find your blog. I'll definitely check out your comics soon.

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