Monday, April 30, 2007

Good crazy.

I can start by saying it has been interesting. This whole monthly gig thing. Entirely different than working on a Graphic Novel, sometimes easier, sometimes harder. Knowing you have less pages than days in one month isn't always a good thing when you're used to squeeze pages to fit the workload and meet the deadline. Free time is addictive, and it leads to no good.

One thing we're doing here on our free time is write a lot. More than sketching (which we're coming back into doing), we talked a lot about ideas and stories this month, and we're putting it down on paper. Hopefully, new stories will come to life before the end of the year, and then we'll schedule the whole thing to release it as soon as possible.

May will be a funny month. Both Bá and I will be working in more than one project at the same time to finish our special San Diego comic (which we have to coordinate with the other equally busy artists), and we'll likely come up with some other stuff just because we can't sit still for too long. May is going to be crazy, but good crazy.

Back to work now, and here's to the good crazy.

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