Monday, April 23, 2007

Thinking, drawing, choosing.

I'm always thinking about the stories I've told and the ones I'm yet to tell. I'm always thinking about how much time I spend on the drawing board, and how much time must I spend outside, talking, interacting, living, in order to fuel my next stories. I think a lot about which stories I'm willing to draw, and that counts most when I'm drawing something I'm not writing. The answer isn't always the same. It shouldn't be, really. There're a million reasons to choose one story, to choose one character, to choose one writer. We're always choosing how we're going to spend the next year's worth of work, so we better think a lot before choosing.

This weekend, besides drawing Casanova pages, I came up with my pages for the super comic book we're doing for San Diego. Bá already thought of his story two weeks ago, so I had this feeling I was dragging my feet for the last two weeks. I did the thumbnails and I'm happy about them. They make me want to draw this story, so they did their job well. Now it's time to do mine.

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