Monday, April 24, 2006


My brother and I love New York. It is, by far, the closest we found that feel like Sao Paulo, our hometown. A city that never sleeps, where you can find the most different people, from the most unusual places, and where people work hard and meet and make things happen. Our kind of place, that's for sure.

When we were asked to be a part of an anthology of stories set in NY, we were really excited, and then we heard there was a bonus: NY with ROBOTS. How could we say no to that? Even if we could find some impossible reason to decline the kind offer, there was still the company in which we would be in case we were to be in fact part of this work. And, as much as it was an honor to be in the same book with Frank Miller and Will Eisner in Autobiographix, so it is now to be in the same book with Becky Cloonan and Eduardo Risso, the most talented artists working today, and also our friends. There's no saying no to that.

Today, the first official press release went out at Newsarama, offering as an preview one of the short stories from the book, and what was my surprise as I discovered which story it is there for the world to see. Click here for the Newsarama preview of the book, which features none other than our robot story.

This sweet baby will be out in July, in time for the San Diego COMICON, so grab your copy and go to San Diego to get it signed by us.


becky cloonan said...

You guys are so great T_T Glad the package got to you safe! :D

artgyrl said...

Hi. I just wanted to say how much I love your work. I followed a link here from Ed Tadem's blog, and I wasn't disappointed. Now I'm going to have to check out your book. Also, I think it's cool that you collaborate with your brother.

.ed_ said...

I saw your post over at the Image boards - these pages look fantastic!

robair said...

These look fantastic, the robots remind me of the amazing screw on head by mignola, I love the look of it and I can't wait to read it.

Bry said...

eduardo risso? oO o mesmo que Ž cordenador das artes pl‡sticas na UNB? o_o
quando seis vierem visitar ele me avisem pra eu ir autografar minhas edi�›es de 10 P‹ezinhos ^_^

Matt Schuler said...

Did you guys also do the colors?
If so, what program did you use?


Fábio Moon said...

We used photoshop.

Unknown said...

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