Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A present for a friend.

A just made this drawing for a friend, and since I did the water-colour version on a different sheet of paper, I had various stages (three, actually) of the same image to show. So I'm going to show them here.

First, there's the thumbnail, where the idea just born in put down on paper so it won't get lost.

After that's done, and after the idea is approved by my brother (just because we were going to share the present), I went to pencil it. I usually do very loose pencils, but not completely messy. If I were going for just a black and white piece, I would ink it on top of the pencil, using the same paper, and then later I would just erase the pencils that were still visible.

This being a coloured piece made me use my light-box to "clean" the pencil on a different piece of paper.

I coloured the drawing first, then I went over the colours with my brush and inked it. I something ink before colouring, but I find it that, this way, the colours end up leaving the black "less" black. Dirty black, so to speak.

We (my brother and I) are huge fans of black and white comics. However, I have to admit that sometimes it's very nice to play with colours. Specially if your making a drawing to give as a gift to a child.

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