Sunday, April 09, 2006

Small fiction.

"Do you know what day is today already?" , the brother asked his twin.

"I know. we're taking too long", replied the twin.

"We're probably gonna blow our chance", they both thought at the same time, in silence, afraid that, if they said it out loud to one another, they would be done with and all would be over.

"It was a nice day", one of the twins thought. They were both looking at the sky, and they were walking close to one another, so it was really hard to tell their thoughts apart. "Today's a good day for new stories" was something that came out from one of the twins heads. "That girl coming our way is kinda cute" was another. Many other ideas were thought that afternoon, and for a moment they were good ideas, but somehow, by the end of the day they all seemed silly. The twins called it a day when a dog barked at them from a fence. It was such a small dog which considered so little of the two brothers that they realized they weren't in very good shape to impress anyone.

"We'll think of something tomorrow", said the brother to his twin.

"But... Do you know what day's tomorrow already?", replied the twin.


John G said...

Man, I love this.

Unknown said...

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