Monday, April 17, 2006

Who's reading?

I often think about who reads what is in here. Chances are that, after the first issue of Casanova comes out, more and more people will end up here, but still we already have some visitors and they - you - are quite shy.

Don't be.

Here's a question: From what you already heard, saw and read, what do you think of Casanova?


Chris Arrant said...

I'm really looking forward to it. I like the stylistic touches that Gabriel is doing with the artwork without sacrificing the story. And the story, form what I've read, sounds like a modern take on a beloved genre.

Luis said...

Looking forward to it, on my pull list since it appeared on Previews. Sounds like a lot of fun and Gabriel's art looks great. I lovelovelove two-color printing.

Hi, long time I didn't post a comment here (Luis Sopelana from Mexico). Finally got a copy of Rock'N Roll yesterday, great little book.

Santiago said...

I am looking forward to it, it sounds like a great adventure story... and Gabriel's art looks amazing!

Unknown said...

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