Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Gerard Way's Space Boy.

This is one of the drawings Gerard Way did for the Umbrella Academy proposal, attesting to his artistic skills. It sure helped Ba's choice to accept the job, since the proposal was so visual and with such moody images. It really made us dive into that strange new world, and that's really what the images should do.

Gerard talks a little bit more about this project at the Dark Horse website with editor Scott Allie. Check it out, as it helps see the guy as a comic-book writer instead of just the frontman of My Chemical Romance .

While you're at it, tell us what you think of the recent issue of Casanova, out today all over the US in fine comic book stores.


steffanralphdelpiano said...


I'm an avid fan of Casanova and would like to know if you'll be selling any of the original artwork from it anytime soon. Thanks a bunch.


Fábio Moon said...

We're still figuring out how to handle international shipping of original artwork without damaging the pages, and also what's the best way to handle the paying part of the equation.

Patrick said...

All three issues of Casanova have been incredible. It's by far my favorite thing being published right now.

I too would be interested in info on purchasing original art once you work out the specifics.

Sail said...

Man, I can't even find Cazanova in my town!

I was broke when #2 came out, but I went on thursday and they were completely sold out, every store in my city is sold out!!!

Thats good for Ba', but no good for me.

Congrats to Ba' on Cas doing so great!

Fábio Moon said...


try buying online with

They have all issues, and for a cheaper price (if that's even possible).

Paul Tucker said...

Wow. That image already has an almost Ba flare to it. This looks like a good match. Looking forward to it.

Unknown said...

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