Thursday, August 03, 2006


We have officially been back for more than a week. We also have gone back to our regular working mode, to our regular working hours and to our regular long days. Even if I think we got thinner after this year's San Diego Convention, I can't help but feel we got bigger as well.

Doing this only once a year, the convention is our only chance to see the people we met in previous years, and also is the only chance to meet new people. And this year we certainly did meet all the people we could, covering quite a wide range of our comic book world.

To all of you, thanks.

In special, thanks to Vasilis and Becky for being so much in love for comics. Thanks to Matt Fraction for making sure everybody knew Casanova is just awesome. Thanks for Christina and her Dark Horse crew for all the back-up help all over the con. Thanks to Brian from for being our rendevouz man. Thanks to Pam for being in the know. Thanks to Bruno for being there. Thanks to James Jean for being close to Jose Villarubia when I met him, so I could meet them both at the same time. We even met Gerard Way, the writer of the new project Ba's involved, and he was quite the nice guy. Thanks to Ivan and all his robots. The book looks beautiful.

Thanks to Bob Schreck, for being always so nice to everybody (us included).

Also, thanks to the Flight people. I didn't actually talked to many of them, and the ones I did, only briefly, but I just think they were the most happy and joyful booth at the convention, and that reflects in the comics they're making, and comic books really need optimistic people right now. Specially those doing good stuff.

A special thanks Mimi Rosenheim, from AiT/Planet Lar, who published our lovely Ursula the best way it could ever be published and has given us only love and support. And Larry, who's awesome!

Finally, thanks to Diana Schutz, for believing in us and making sure that we stood in the right path, which is the one that led us where we are now. I'm not really sure where we are exactly, but it feels good. It feels promising, and it feels like home.

Thanks to all of you who made this two brazilians feel welcomed in the strange outside world.

It's good to be back, and good comics awaits.

Illustration for a brazilian newpaper, by Fabio Moon.


Vivis said...

i can barely wait to read and c the umbrella academy.
u guys rock.

i wnated a favor, but i think im being to silly asking u this..
but im gonna ask anyway.

is there any chance u could introduce me and a little bunch of friends to gerard way?
is there any chance we can get to c the umbrella before 2007?

..será q vc tem orkut, algum email pessoal ou algo do genero pra q eu possa "manter contato" ctg?

desculpa minhas ideias meio ingenuas, mas acho que seria bem legal encontrar gerard way e vc, Bá.


ah, se vc tiver orkut

ou myspace

se vc puder responder-me por email

eu ia fica tããão felizzzz

gostei msm dos desenhos p umbrella.


[ah, vc tá onde? nos eua ou brasil?]

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